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Residential Appraisal

We have 30 years of residential appraisal experience, even before there was a uniformly accepted appraisal form. In our career, appraising has gone from filling out forms with a pencil, to typing them on a typewriter, to computers and even electronic delivery. We use to hand deliver every report and visit with the client on each appraisal. Even though we now send most of our reports by e-mail, we try to maintain the same level of personal involvement in our appraisals as we always have. We personally inspect every house we appraise as well as every comparable we quote in the sales comparison approach. By doing this we not only insure accuracy and quality in our appraisals but we have built an expertise and judgment that only experience can provide.

Our residential appraisal work is limited to Salt Lake City and the suburban areas around Salt Lake. We accept VA, ERC, Bank, Mortgage Companies, Court, Small Income Property and other Individual assignments. Because of our additional training, SRA and MAI designations and experience with other property types, we are particularly well suited to appraise complex residential properties.

The photos are from our actual appraisal files and illustrate some of the properties we have appraised.

Some of the more interesting houses we have appraised:

  • Historic home of a famous cowboy in the four corners area of Utah.
  • Large family home with 38 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms and 5 kitchens

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