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Land Appraisal

Land appraisals are some of the most challenging appraisals. There are many different kinds of land. There is mountain land, grazing land, recreational land, development land, crop land, urban land, suburban land, and rural land. There is land for development and developed sites for apartment, subdivisions, offices, recreational, retail and industrial uses. Frequently land requires detailed Highest and Best Use studies. These studies may require gathering a lot of data and analyzing the market influences. For these reasons we take particular pride in our land appraisals.

I do land appraisals for Companies, Government Agencies, Institutions, Lenders and Individuals. The information and opinions supplied in these land appraisals are often used for planning, acquisitions, liquidations, negotiations, estates settlements, taxation, financing and in court cases.

These photos are from our actual appraisal files and illustrate some of the properties we have appraised.

Some of our more interesting assignments include: Snake Creek Canyon, South Mountain Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Timpanogos Land Exchange

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