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Examples of Experience

A Federal Land Exchanges.  One particular exchange involved one Forest Service owned parcel which was exchanged for six privately owned parcels in Utah County.  All seven parcels required Yellow Book appraisals that were submitted to multiple levels of federal review before the exchange could be complete. 

A Conservation Easement which was located in Bluffdale, in South Salt Lake County.  The case involved commuter rail construction that encroached on a conservation easement.  The resolution of this required a Yellow Book appraisal which passed review from all public agencies involved.

Recreational Cabin Sites on Federal Land.  Various cabin projects around the West which were located on Forest Service property and leased on long-term leases.  Periodically, the Forest Service raises the lease rate based on the cabin site’s land value.  When the rate was raised and the cabin owners objected, I was hired to perform a second appraisal for appeal.  I did appraisals for two of these projects and the homeowners were successful in getting major reductions in their lease rates due to the quality of the appraisal, which had been reviewed by Federal reviewers.  After a long process, the Forest Ranger in charge concurred with my value opinions.

On one parcel of land in Spanish Fork Canyon, there is a plant which is an endangered species.  This endangered species made the appraisal for widening the road and straightening out the curve of Highway 6 an additional consideration in the valuation.  My efforts at coordinating the experts in the field helped in resolving this valuation problem.

In a review of a subdivision appraisal, I discovered that an EPA hazardous waste site had not been recognized as a hypothetical condition.  My theoretical review helped to settle this case outside of court.

A suburban transit oriented development that was foreclosed on due to a misrepresentation by the developer required a detailed appraisal with a retrospective valuation date with distressed market conditions.  It needed to recognize that the building was only partially constructed on the valuation date.  My value approval and opinion assisted in resolving this complex situation.

A particular parcel of land containing three independent businesses was appraised by three different appraisers for eminent domain acquisition.  When the values were not consistent, I was retained to review all three reports and develop an independent fourth opinion of value that could be used to resolve the eminent domain case.

One complex eminent domain case where I was the appraiser involved for an acquisition for a water aqueduct in the mountains which would come within 18 inches of a cabin.  The value was estimated with and without extraordinary assumptions.  My work on this appraisal led to negotiators being able to acquire the needed easements without going to condemnation. 

For a national bank, I have appraised a franchised fast food building, a manufacturing company, an auto repair shop, a condo office.  For a local credit union, I have appraised a preschool and an industrial building  from plans and  an off-Broadway theater. These appraisals were for market value and for lending purchases.


I once appraised a single home with 47 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and 5 kitchens. How unusual is that?                                     

As you can see over 40 years, I have accumulated a wide variety of appraisal experience.


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