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Commercial Appraisal

I achieved and received an MAI designation in 1985. This required several additional upper level classes, writing a demonstration appraisal report on a commercial property, passing a compressive examination as well as documenting 5 years of commercial real estate experience. This designation has enabled me to appraise a variety of commercial properties for banks and as a result I was able to help with the Savings and Loan crises in the late 1980s, and to continue my career appraising properties that require extensive analysis and technical writhing skills.

For the last five years I have specialized in complex appraisals for Federal or State land accusations and exchanges, or eminent domain cases for roads or parks, etc.
We also do appraisals for Individuals, Banks and Attorneys. These appraisals are often used for Estate Settlements, Lending Collateral or Private Negotiations.

The photos are from our actual appraisal files and illustrate some of the properties we have appraised.

Types of assignments include: Retail, Office, Warehouse, Apartments, Institution, Government

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